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Webalo enables you to shield your people from the complexity of underlying systems and deliver sharply focused, role-driven content.

With more and more data becoming available from assets and processes, organisations need to deliver information that is more personalised and interactive. Webalo's capabilities give you advantages in several key areas when it comes to reporting and visualisation of data:

Connectivity - with the tools to connect to a wide range of operational and enterprise data platforms, you can create a workspace with links to the mix of data that combines to serve different user needs for different roles or business functions

Speed - It's quick, and code-free, to develop dashboards, reports and other visualisations, and quick to deploy them to browsers or apps

Adaptability - The development environment makes it easy to re-work or replace the outputs. As your needs change, Webalo can keep pace in ways that traditional BI tools can't

For customers with established systems such as SCADA, Historian, LIMS, and MES, Webalo provides a way of combining content from separate systems into a useful cockpit. So improving decision support, or speeding analysis of a given quality or process issue doesn't have to mean looking at multiple siloed systems' reports or screens, and sifting through overlapping data to find the critical information.



Key Features

  • Extensive connectivity to different systems and data platforms
  • Codeless development and delivery of KPIs, reports and other visualisation
  • Integrated security simplifies accessing data, and reduces risks associated with publishing content
  • Rapid deployment of outputs to multiple client technologies
  • On-premise or cloud-based options
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