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GE Automation

One call gives you access to:

  • Our extensive base of Kerrco Automation Ltd field engineers
  • Primary and backup personnel
  • Factory Authorised Service Providers
  • On-Site Emergency Support

Hardware and Software Expertise

Our engineers are experts in the design, specification and implementation of your GE Intelligent Platforms software and control products. That specialized expertise enables us to troubleshoot your situation quickly, dependably, and accurately. In addition to our expertise in GE Intelligent Platforms products and protocols, our UK & Ireland network offers a range of pre and post deployment engineering services to provide the right solution to your business, regardless of what products you decide to implement.

Expert support for the following products is available to meet your needs, contact Kerrco Automation Ltd for further details:


Custom Interface Drivers
Custom Scripting
FIX 32 Upgrades
I/O Drivers
Open I/O Protocols
PLC Programming Software
Proficy Batch Execution
Proficy Change Management
Proficy Historian
Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX®
Proficy Real-Time Information Portal
Proficy Shop Floor SPC
Proficy Tracker
SQL / Access DB


Critical Control, Redundancy & GMR
PACSystems RXi, RX7i, RX3i
Field Control
GE series 90-30® / 90-70®
Genius I/O
HMI / OI Devices
Industrial PC/Workstations
Open I/O Architectures
PC Based Control
PLC Based Motion Control
VersaMax Nano & Micro
CSense 6 is here GE's ongoing developments continue to emphasize usability and on making analytics accessible. CSense makes it easy to map disparate data sources into an analytical model, derive insights and then deliver outputs ranging from reporting, to signals that integrate with existing automation and systems. See how CSense makes analytics a practical tool for industrial operations.
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