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Providing developed GlobalCare Support to function beyond the scope of a traditional, reactive support model to provide you with fast, effective solutions throughout the lifetime of a product.

As a result, Kerrco Automation Ltd can provide a continuously high level of service for your complex support requirements. GlobalCare Support is available in two levels, Complete and Assist, allowing you to decide and adopt the level of support solutions that best meets your needs and requirements today and the future...

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  • Quality support from local and corporate support professionals
  • Fast access to support in plant-down situations
  • Around the clock access to electronic case management tools
  • Find answers any time through the on-line knowledge center featuring technical articles, FAQ's, manuals and product downloads
  • Support team equipped with sophisticated trouble-shooting and remote-diagnostic tools
  • Proactive communication to learn the latest support and product news
  • Cost effective access to the latest software feature enhancements
  • Direct access to product experts
  • 24 x 7 emergency support
  • Software version upgrades
  • Online knowledge centre
  • Service packs, product fixes, and IPI's
  • Electronic case management
  • Knowledge Base DVD
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The new RX3i CPE400 - a key building block for Industrial Internet Control Systems The promise of the Industrial Internet is huge - effectively tapping into asset data can be game-changing for asset owners, OEMs and field service organisations alike. To streamline the journey from traditional control to a world where cloud-delivered apps and analytics can be harmonised with individual assets control strategies, GE has released the PACSystemsTM RX3i CPE400. 

In a single compact footprint, you can deploy a familiar control engine, delivered alongside a secure, flexible data aggregation and integration toolkit - the Field Agent technology for GE's PredixTM platform. GE's Outcome Optimizing edge technology opens the door to allow the results of big data analytics to be incorporated into local apps and algorithms. So your process or asset can be that much "smarter" thanks to insight derived from similar assets or processes across your enterprise.

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