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OpShield is the ideal supplement to traditional IT security and networking technologies – offering new capabilities to manage traffic and manage threats to industrial networks and equipment.

Securing an Operational Technology (OT) network presents different challenges than typical IT security tools are designed to manage. The different protocols and the need for interoperability across different device and automation types demands a different approach to cyber-security and stability.

OpShield delivers a simple straightforward approach - combining an easy to deploy physical device with a management toolkit allowing highly flexible security policies to be deployed. OpShield delivers threat detection relevant to automation and control layers, as well as traffic inspection, monitoring and and intervention capabilities adapted to work with industrial communication protocols.

Kerrco and GE can assist you in developing a complete understanding of your cyber-security risks, and help you develop and deliver the right mitigation technologies. 

Key Features

Add security and stability without disrupting your running systems - OpShield:

Secures the OT network with vulnerability signatures and OT threat intelligence

Inspects and controls OT protocol traffic down to the command level

Monitors industrial protocols and delivers security alerts to the management console and 3rd party SIEM tools

Protects control systems and assets with minimal or no production disruption
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