Updates on software solutions - Summer 2017

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Updates on software solutions - Summer 2017

Updates on software solutions - Summer 2017

iFIX 5.9 now available

The latest version of iFIX sees ongoing developments in areas like the graphics engine, as well as new tiers of tag counts available to be licensed. Key elements include:

  • Instead of jumping from 900 tags to Unlimited licenses, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 30,000 tag configurations are now available
  • Support for Microsoft Server 2016 platforms
  • Improved Win911 footprint now included with iFIX – the Essentials version offers more options than the previous starter footprint
  • Updated development workspace – in line with current MS standards
  • SmoothShapes anti-aliasing available for screen elements
  • Historical Playback Mode

Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) 7.620 now available

Based on Kepware EX version 6, this release provides support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Download from your software inventory on the customer care portal.

Webalo launch webinar available for review

If you missed our webinar introducing this solution for delivering visualisation, reporting and work processes alongside on-premises and Predix footprints, you can see it on our YouTube channel


It's almost back-to-school time - see our latest scheduled classes here

Misc. Tidbits

Historian 7 Service Pack 3 is available for download from the GE support site

Dream Report 4.72 has new SPC charting capabilities in the 4.72 release

Plant Applications 7 has been released, with ongoing developments in reporting, user interface, OS compatibility and more