GE Automation

Delivering Real-Time Operational Intelligence

As businesses become leaner, Industrial processing and manufacturing operations need to break their operators free from the confines of central control rooms and start using smart mobile devices. Making data available to the right people wherever they are is the idea at the heart of the Proficy Mobile solution set.

Just think of the time it takes an employee to make an informed decision in your operation, or react to a problem: data needs to be sourced from existing control and automation systems; then transformed into information with context from equipment, location, operating conditions and process insight.

By harnessing the power of Proficy Mobile to deliver Real Time Operational Intelligence, productivity is increased simply by arming each employee with the right data at the right time, making it easy to see things like equipment status, key process information and relevant alerts - all from within a single environment. And Proficy Mobile frees your existing data, so you get more out of the investments you've already made.

Your workforce will be more informed on the move and have the ability to take action anywhere - driving faster reactions to critical items, earlier problem detection, smoother employee collaboration, thanks to the ability to get instant insight for better decision making.

Take action today and transform your operations.

Information where you are - wherever you are

  • Key Performance Data, such as OEE on your mobile device
  • Easy access to detailed data for rapid resolution to operational problems
  • A single window into many underlying data sources 
  • Increased productivity and accountability with mobile collaboration

Key Features

  • Easy connectivity to many automation and data platforms
  • Pre-built views linking assets, KPIs, trends and other data 
  • User-defined KPI calculations
  • Patented Geo- Intelligence Technology
  • Health Index Detection and Display
  • Aggregate Alarm State and Severity
  • Secure Information Access
  • ProficySCADA integration for iFIX WebSpace and CIMPLICITY GlobalView screens
  • iOS and Android devices supported
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