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Food Beverage and Consumer Products:

Offering best in class control and software solutions, Kerrco Automation Ltd understands the challenges faced in providing a compliant, sustainable and profitable manufacturing process from supply chain management to high speed packaging. 
We are here to help you qualify, prioritise your needs and balance investment risks.
Learn more about the latest technologies available to meet your needs today, tomorrow and future.

Oil & Gas:

Whether your systems are deployed in Tank Farms, drilling, mid-stream or well-head control, you need to rely on a partner with outstanding expertise in your field of operation, Kerrco Automation Ltd and GE Intelligent Platforms is that partner.
Offering reliable and fault tolerant safety critical systems, enterprise wide SCADA or flexibility to capture and analyse key performance data, we can help.
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OEM companies face many challenges to maintain an edge from ever varying competition, end customer demands and technology progression.
OEM’s require the support only a Global organisation can offer, GE Intelligent Platforms and Kerrco Automation Ltd is that supplier.
Offering the latest technologies for high speed computing control systems reduces time to solution; combine this with a partner who can leverage best in class software solution, easily exceeds your needs.
We understand the cost of ownership during warranty periods, site services overhead and the requirement to offer cost effective, high quality product solutions.
Learn more on the solutions available, now including Cloud Automation.


Whether you are involved in renewable energy, coal, gas or bio-technology generation, we have a proven track record in solving the needs, demands and compliance challenges faced today.
High speed, powerful control systems including safety rated, remote and distributed I/O supporting the latest protocols, enterprise SCADA and high speed data collection systems, large footprint deployed to major blue chip vendors with an installed base we can refer. 
This means we understand your business challenges, learn more on the latest technologies available specifically developed for power companies.

Life Sciences:

Ensuring a quality and compliant system is ever changing. Raw material variation, process differences and high cost re-work is forever impacting on margin performance.
Kerrco Automation Ltd and GE Intelligent Platforms has a vast experience and domain expertise in this industry, offering the right solution whether your process is continuous batching or you manufacture medical devices, we can offer unique and innovative control, HMI SCADA and Manufacturing Software and solutions, empowering you and your colleagues to make key decisions for improvement techniques fast.
Learn more on the technologies that are available now many of which have progressed from voice of customer comments to solve your needs in Life Sciences.
iFIX 5.8R2 is here!

iFIX 5.8R2 opens up new ways of developing and deploying operational information. With the growing numbers and changing roles of operational data "consumers", HMI/SCADA is moving beyond visualisation to become a decision support system. The latest release from GE Digital delivers on a number of fronts:

  • More rapid development capability thanks to productivity tools for navigation, and screen interaction that reduce the need for scripting
  • Libraries of "efficient HMI" objects designed for views that aid understanding
  • Model-based development to speed the creation of "digital twins" for assets and processes
  • HTML5-based web-HMI delivery of SCADA screens
  • Alarm notification via SMS

Click through to learn more about iFIX 5.8R2 and how it works with the broader GE digital suite to help companies along their Industrial Internet journey.

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