GE Automation

Understand how complex assets and processes are performing, supervise operations, and deliver reliable information to higher-level management and analytic applications. 

GE iFIX gives decision support to operators and management with real-time visibility, easy access to critical data and a proven, robust control engine. Building on insights from a global install base, the latest release provides tools to increase developer productivity and improve user experiences, so it's easier to pursue better outcomes in areas such as asset reliability and process stability. The results: faster, more focused, user responsiveness and reduced cost of ownership.


The newest capabilities of iFIX 5.8 deliver situational awareness and improved responsiveness. Developments include:


  • Web HMI client - delivered natively on browsers with HTML5 technology
  • "Efficient HMI" guidelines and libraries of objects
  • Security Enhancements
  • Model-based development for improved navigability, and to set the stage for broader integration of SCADA data
  • Support for current Microsoft operating systems
    • Windows 7, 8 and 10 for clients
    • Server 2008 and Server 2012R2
  • Alarm notification via SMS, through an included Win911 footprint
  • A full suite of Productivity tools for faster menu development, more flexible screen design, alarm management and database management

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Key Features

  • Native web HMI client
  • Model-based development capability
  • New trend object with easy integration to Historian
  • Efficient HMI objects and guidelines for development
  • Historian for SCADA included
  • Full suite of productivity tools
  • Simple integration with central Historians
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