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A modular software suite that supports production operations and integrates the information for managing production execution and performance optimization. So you can balance competing priorities around schedule, cost, quality and environment.

GE's solutions for Brilliant Factories provide a potent manufacturing execution and manufacturing intelligence environment infused into your operation for tracking production and for optimizing productivity, energy and resource consumption, quality, and compliance. Based on building digital twins for key assets and processes, and linking those models to existing automation and sensory data, our solutions let you add functionality incrementally, so you can start your journey focused on your immediate needs, and add new capabilities by enabling new functions around the core configurations you've already built. 

With the Brilliant Manufacturing solutions set, you can:
  • Manage business objectives and drive them into the manufacturing operation, such as: production schedules, work instructions, quality specifications and performance levels.
  • Track the actual outcomes as they occur, automatically with minimal intrusion on the operators, such as: quality data, process conditions, energy consumption, environmental events, and other adverse situation events, like equipment downtime and waste
  • Monitor conformance and drive interventions for fast appropriate response, preventing and minimising performance and compliance issues
  • Capture details of causes and actions taken related to exceptions, like downtime events, scrap/waste, off- spec quality, schedule deviations, and the like.
In addition to core WIP management, efficiency analysis and quality management functions, supplementary solutions can be implemented to address additional requirements:
  • WorkFlow leverages “actionable intelligence” into “intelligent action”, for more directed interaction with people, and systems
  •  CSense provide additional real-time insight into process relationships to help optimize and balance key parameters
  •  Historian is a high performance source of raw data for Plant Apps, reliably collecting and archiving tremendous volumes of continuous data from many sources
  • iFIX, and Cimplicity provide SCADA options appropriate for different asset and process types - and via web browser when combined with WebSpace. These can incorporate elements of the broader suite, so operators can have a unified environment for all their work, eliminating the need for "many systems for one role"
Kerrco Automation Ltd can help you by leveraging our understanding of asset utilization, quality management and continuous improvement approaches; leveraging proven software to help you make real-time adjustments to keep your operations running and more productively.


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Key Features

  • Improve performance with capabilities designed to solve the toughest manufacturing challenges
  • Drive precision with the ability to Visualize, Analyze, Optimize, and Execute
  • Ensure uncompromising quality with GE’s renowned expertise in Six Sigma and Lean, combined with its own manufacturing operations
  • Leverage faster deployment with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software for a unique boost to your deployment plans
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