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Kerrco Automation Limited was formed in November 2004, since then the business has flourished and developed to become unique, focused and motivated within the UK & Ireland automation arena.

Promoting best in class hardware and software solutions in today’s competitive business environment, Kerrco Automation opened our flagship Glasgow location, as GE Intelligent Platforms' channel partner for Scotland.

Demonstrating a focus, breadth and depth of knowledge, growth and expansion the business then entered the Irish region as GE Intelligent Platforms channel partner for Scotland and Ireland in 2006.

Understanding the needs of our customers and the importance of the Control Solution is a key part of our ability to help our customers meet the demands of ever progressive technology. This was a primary factor in allowing Kerrco Automation to expand our relationship with GE Intelligent Platforms and become channel partner for UK & Ireland since February 2008.

Kerrco Automation Limited, a proven partner for a truly global company, GE Intelligent Platforms.
CSense 6 is here GE's ongoing developments continue to emphasize usability and on making analytics accessible. CSense makes it easy to map disparate data sources into an analytical model, derive insights and then deliver outputs ranging from reporting, to signals that integrate with existing automation and systems. See how CSense makes analytics a practical tool for industrial operations.
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