Wolverine III

GE Automation

Wolverine III rugged flat panel computer, the new ATEX Zone 2 Wolverine III was designed specifically to withstand the rigors of deployment in harsh, hazardous applications such as oil and gas exploration and drilling where salt, spray, dust, shock, vibration and extremes of temperature provide the most challenging environments for computers.

Widely used for data gathering and the control or operation of sophisticated equipment, the Wolverine III represents a complete redesign compared with its predecessor which, with its use of GE-patented technology, delivers significantly higher performance, reliability and maintainability while weighing substantially less.

The Wolverine is able to handle conditions encountered in just about any harsh environment. The device is sealed to IP65 specifications, totally sealed against dust handling low pressure jets of water from all directions.

The Wolverine III is also significantly vibration-proof, performs and operates in an extremely wide temperature range of -4 to 140F. For use in very low temperatures, our customers can even order a heater that lowers the operating temperature to -40F. Kerrco Automation Ltd can help you ensure you select the product to fit your application needs, contact us now for further details.

Key Features

Wide temperature range (-40° C to +60° C ) with fast turn-on
at -20° C

Light weight: 22.5lbs (10.2kg) • Fewer people required to transport and install Wolverine III than heavier systems

Onboard system diagnostics for temperature, power-on hours
and acceleration

Field-replaceable SATA solid-state hard drive

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