Series 90 70

GE Automation

With superior performance, power, and flexibility, GE Intelligent Platforms’ Series 90*-70 PLC provides a comprehensive solution that can address your most demanding applications.

With our CPX family of CPUs, the Series 90-70 offers more for your automation dollar—more computing power, more memory for your applications, and more communications and redundancy capabilities. And it provides increased flexibility for a variety of applications due to a wide range of isolated and high-density VME analogue I/O modules.

Open Architecture

Based on the VME-bus standard, the Series 90-70 can be used with thousands of boards produced by hundreds of different manufacturers to build a solution that meets your exact needs. These include links to drives and drive systems, servo motor controllers, embedded solutions for vision systems and bus-to-bus interface modules, as well as a variety of modules available from GE (see accompanying table).

Various Degrees of Redundancy

Combining the Series 90-70 with the advanced functionality of Genius* I/O, GE Genius Modular Redundancy (GMR)
systems and Hot Standby systems can provide as much or as little redundancy as you need for your critical applications.

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Key Features

The versatility and strength of the GMR system make it an ideal choice for rigorous emergency shutdown and human life protection systems. It has a class 6 TÜV rating.
Based on three isolated PLCs and extensive diagnostics, the GMR triple modular redundancy system uses two-out-of-three voting to provide high reliability and errorfree operation.
CPU Genius Redundancy (CGR) systems achieve enhanced hot standby CPU redundancy by connecting two power supplies and two CGR CPUs to one or more Genius I/O networks.
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