PACSystems with ProfiNet

GE Automation

Setting a new standard for open systems, GE Intelligent Platforms offers new technology with the PROFINET protocol—enabling real-time control, simple and affordable interoperability, and outstanding performance.

With increasing competition and rapidly growing cost pressures, the need for businesses to optimise performance is more critical than ever. Leading businesses are increasingly moving from centralised control systems to distributed structures, leveraging Ethernet-based communications in all levels of automation, and implementing open IT standards to gain a stronger competitive position. At the heart of control performance is the flexibility to address key challenges related to real-time data transmission, including volume, latency, and frequency.

Managing the vast amounts of real-time data flowing from various devices to your business applications requires a solution that allows you to connect and leverage more information for your business without compromising system performance. Kerrco Automation Ltd understands your challenges, combining advanced, innovative technologies for mid-range to large remote I/O applications with deep domain expertise to offer PACSystems* With PROFINET—a global open protocol over standard Ethernet that enables real-time control for optimized data handling and control performance.

It’s highly flexible for distributed I/O, increasing network serviceability. performance made simple encompassing hardware modules and offering a powerful platform, PACSystems with PROFINET is easy to implement and maintain, and enables you to configure a complete system within minutes and without external hardware—delivering the next step in Ethernet-based I/O systems.

It is applicable for control systems across various industries, including Oil & Gas, OEM, Power, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods and Life Sciences, this is indeed the next step for forward thinking business to gather data anywhere anytime.
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