PACSystems RXi IPC

GE Automation

GE Intelligent Platforms has combined its expertise in designing high-performance embedded computing platforms with our more than 30 years of experience in industrial control to create a uniquely powerful industrial computing platform – the PACSystems RXi Modular IPC.

The RXi Modular IPC can be used in a stacked configuration with the RXi Controller to provide a uniquely powerful control and computing solution.

The PACSystems RXi industrial computing platform delivers compact, rugged, high performance computing capabilities including HMI, historian, and analytics applications, enabling improved real-time control of operations and better integration into plant-wide systems. High-Performance Computing & Control, incorporating the latest technologies to deliver high-performance computing for the industrial environment. 

GE selected a dual core processor as the computing platform for the RXi Modular IPC because of its excellent balance of performance with low power consumption. The RXi Modular IPC has 4 GB of RAM, multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and 32 GB of industrial grade high-speed SSD storage to complete the high-performance design. 

Contact Kerrco Automation Ltd now to discover more on these high performance which make the RXi Modular IPC the perfect platform for running GE’s Proficy applications or other industrial applications right at the machine, even in the harshest environments.

Discover more with Kerrco Automation Ltd as to how a totally connected world leveraging high performance computer processing can help you get more from your business.

Key Features

Unique Stackable design
Enables high performance computing and control in a very compact package

Dual core COM Express CPU module
High-performance, upgradeable modular architecture

4 GB of RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, SSD storage
High-performance industrial grade peripherals support rugged, high-speed computing and networking applications

Fanless design with operating temperature range of 0°C to +60°C
Highly reliable, maintenance-free industrial computing

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