PACSystems RX7i

GE Automation

GE Intelligent Platforms created the concept of the Programmable Automation Controller with the introduction of our PACSystems™ family of automation controllers.

Expanding on the technology of traditional PLCs, GE's PAC controllers provide a highly reliable, high-performance computing option for discrete logic control, motion control, and process control.

Offering a wide variety of communications protocols to support our customers’ application needs, we have standardized our control systems on the market-leading industrial network, PROFINET, to provide an extremely high performance, highly reliable, yet simple to configure and install distributed IO network.

Ultimate in Performance – Delivering on the Demands of Your Most Advanced Applications
  • Pentium® CPUs from Celeron 300 MHz to M Class 1.8Ghz 
  • VME64 Backplane provides up to four times the bandwidth of existing Series 90*-70 systems.
  • 10/100 Ethernet built into the CPU, with easy cabling RJ-45 dual ports connected through an auto-sensing switch — no need for additional switches or hubs rack to rack 
  • Up to 64MB memory for fast execution, storage of the complete program with all documentation (including Excel, Word, PDF and DXF files) — all in one CPU 
  • Object Oriented programming through IEC languages including C for fast executing, standards based applications 
  • Integration of Control Memory Xchange, a high speed global memory over a fibre network — like having a networked drive everyone can see and share
  • High capacity power supplies (100W and 350W) to reduce the requirement for an external supply
Kerrco Automation Ltd can guide and advise on application needs and demands, contact our experts for further information and details.

Key Features

Built on a standard embedded open architecture, GE Intelligent Platforms’ PACSystems RX7i is the first member of the PACSystems family of programmable automation controllers (PACs). Boosting overall profitability, RX7i can help improve your performance and productivity for a sustainable advantage.
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