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GE Intelligent Platforms created the concept of the Programmable Automation Controller with the introduction of our PACSystems™ family of automation controllers.

Expanding on the technology of traditional Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), PAC controllers provide a highly reliable, high-performance computing option for discrete logic control, motion control, and process control.

The PACSystems* RX3i controller is an incredibly powerful Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) in the innovative PACSystems family. The RX3i features a single control engine and a universal programming environment to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control.

Offering and supporting a wide variety of communications protocols to support our customers’ application needs, we have standardized our control systems on market-leading industrial network, PROFINET, to provide an extremely high performance, highly reliable, yet simple to configure and install distributed IO network.

Many choices of CPU to meet your application, combined with a range of I/O options, ensuring PACSystems RX3i can be your controller of choice no matter the industry or application.


Combining powerful local control with edge apps and cloud analytics offers new ways to get the most out of assets and processes. Here's a short summary of GE's enabling technologies.

The success of GE's Series 90-30 and 90-70 PLCs means a lot of systems are still in place. GE has done a lot to reduce the cost and risk associated with moving ahead from these older platforms. Key design decisions were made with our customers in mind:

  • Most Series 90-30 modules are directly compatible with the new RX3i backplane, which includes both PCI and serial bus connectors - so field wiring can be left in place
  • RX3i backplanes are similarly sized to 90-30 ones, so using existing space in panels is often easy to do
  • For Series 90-70 migrations, there is even a conversion chassis that can mean the change in form factor doesn't mean re-working field wiring
  • Machine Edition programming software largely automates the process of moving old programs forward, helping to identify code that needs review/editing

All these add up to mean you can stage your upgrades for the least disruptive and lowest-cost migration to a modern, Industrial Internet-ready RX3i system!

Migrating a 90-70 system to RX3i

The UK and Ireland present unique challenges and opportunities for companies seeking to reduce energy-related costs and emissions - and for the energy equipment manufacturers that supply the market. Turning traditional industrial or institutional energy plants into demand-response-ready microgrids that incorporate traditional and renewable energy sources demands a different approach to automation and control.

GE's PACSystems platform offers a range of specialty modules that make it easier to centralise control on an open platform - which in turn makes it possible to balance internal and external options for energy and emissions every day. Download our datasheets on speciality communications modules, including:

GE's PACSystems RX3i control platform offers unique advantages in critical applications like backup power switching, wastewater treatment and cooling plant control. Our unique mix of redundancy options - including quad-redundant configurations - are built on foundations like:

  • High performance multi-core CPUs, like the CPE330
  • Reflective memory technology for synchronising controllers
  • Ring redundancy to offer greater network fault tolerance at lower cost
  • Built-in redundancy logic and functions, reducing code complexity

More about PACSystems RX3i

Key Features

Time savings with easy-to-configure applications for fast installation

Increased reliability and availability with proven redundancy capabilities

Lower maintenance costs with easy-to-use tools and the ability to make fixes with system running

Easier upgrade path for existing fieldbuses and GENIUS network users

Improved productivity at a low cost with direct connection to third-party devices

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