PACSystems RSTi

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Distributed I/O offers high performance combined with flexible solutions:

GE Intelligent Platforms High Performance computing and controller strategy leverages existing industry standards combining our experience in embedded technology and automation to deliver long-life, higher performance solutions, that are simple to configure, manage and upgrade.

By choosing GE Intelligent Platforms PACSystems RSTi I/O, customers gain access to a highly versatile, extremely robust and complete line of I/O modules with seamless integration into the PACSystems controllers, empowering customers to access industry leading performance and reliability characteristics.

Simplification of system design without sacrificing performance is key; equipment builders are seeking methods to improve the performance of their equipment while augmenting usability, reducing size and complexity.

These requirements extend to the I/O control system. With PACSystems GE Intelligent Platforms provides high performance computing and control solutions with industry leading, best-in-class integration of distributed I/O ideally fit for purpose for simple and complex applications.

PACSystems RSTi products extends the capabilities of the PROFINET enabled GE Intelligent Platforms solution with the addition of a comprehensive line of granular slice I/O that allows customers the flexibility to deliver creative designs industry demands.

Kerrco Automation Ltd can discuss in detail the benefits associated with distributing I/O on your system and process, contact us now for further details.

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