HPCi on RXi

GE Automation

The HPCi solution provides an excellent modernisation pathway for control systems built around GEM80 controls, thanks to modern, modularised hardware, and simple forward migration of program logic and development tools


Reducing cost and risks when modernising legacy GEM80 systems

With a large install base globally, and especially in the UK and Ireland, GE is keenly aware of the need to allow for migration options that minimise disruption to operations while moving customers away from obsolete technologies. The HPCi Controller is a key part of GE's GEM80 modernisation toolkit. Built around a modern, modular and rugged processing platform, the HPCi provides a way of porting the core control engine off aging hardware, while preserving existing I/O and wiring. This gives you a way to stage overall upgrades in ways that take advantage of shorter down/maintenance periods, and without the risks associated with an all-or-nothing migration.


Providing flexibility and expandability

Because HPCi on RXi is built on a modern IPC platform, with powerful processing, extensive networking and a mix of expansion options, it's easy to build connections to related automation systems, and it's simple to connect with modern visualisation, reporting and analytics platforms. 



Key Features

Integrate with Existing I/O

Avoid the risk and disruption from a all-or-nothing upgrade. The HPCi integrates with your existing GEM80 I/O via the GEM80 I/O Scanner. Optional communications modules are available for Verification I/O and for STARNET.

Maintain familiar development environments

the HPCi allows existing ladder logic to be ported forward with minimal changes, ensuring continuity as you modernise. In addition to ladder, the HPCi supports development approaches including Function Block, Structured Text and Sequential Flow Chart

Expandability and Integration

With 5 on-board Ethernet ports and two (2) or four (4) PCI slot configurations available, the HPCi opens up a range of ways to integrate with other equipment, control platforms or supervisory systems. Out of the Box, GEMLAN-T-ESP and Modbus Ethernet protocols are supported.


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